About us

The Asociación Cultural Guadalquivir Pianístico (ACGP) is a non-profit association born in 2009 to promote classical music focusing on the development of the piano, in all those cities along the Guadalquivir River.

Its main activity is the Festival Internacional de Piano (FIP) Guadalquivir, one of the most important festivals in the classical music industry of the province of Cordoba and nationally and internationally. This 2016 closed its seventh edition with a great success of public and critic taking the music to more than 8000 people.

Throughout the festival, the ACGP conveys its philosophy by bringing music to all audiences and ages, renewing the traditional form of the concert and offering a modern vision of the piano.

Why join the ACGP?

  • Being a member of the ACGP offers numerous advantages for its subscribers either in the activities carried out or in discounts of the participating companies in addition to contributing and improving the cultural musical of Cordoba, national and international ..

Its contribute as an associate will cover every necessity of the festival like the possibility to maintain a high quality, by getting new local and international talents in order to improve the programme with concerts and activities.

  • For the associated companies they will be able to benefit of national and international publicity through the online and offline marketing that the association offers thanks to its network of services like web page, newsletter, personalized information to its partners and others. In addition to guarantee a new image through the culture.

How to become a participating company?

  • It’s easy to become a participant company, you have to give some special discounts of your products to the ACGP members and your negotiation will expand the area of its coverage thanks to the great diffusion among its members.
  • On the other hand, if you want to continue to increase the awareness of your company, the association also offers you to be part of the advertising of FIP Guadalquivir, which operates nationally and internationally, having a much greater visibility. * To do this, see the advantages of the partners and sponsors.

Each member of the association will have a physical card that they will present previously in their company in order to obtain the agreed discounts.

What does the ACGP offer to the company?

If you decide to contribute to the association you will have numerous advantages for your company to continue growing, we offer you the following:

  • Newsletter (email) informative to each partner with discounts and news.
  • Address and company information on the association’s website (it does not include the company logo as it is a benefit for the partners or sponsors).
  • Diffusion and publicity in our social network (facebook, twitter, instagram)
  • Concert – official presentation of the ACGP association at the Teatro Olimpia, also includes a
  • video presentation of the company (possibility of recording images of the venue and a brief interview). This video will be published later in the social networks of the festival. A personalized invitation will be made for your attendance.
  • Attracting new customers.

¿ Que beneficios da la empresa a la ACGP ?

  1. Ofrecer nuevos productos y ventajas para los asociados
  2. Contribuir al correcto desarrollo del FIP Guadalquivir y actividades culturales.
  3. Dar a conocer la asociación y el festival ofreciendo su espacio para anuciarlos ya sea a través de flyers o carteles informativos en su negocio, en su página web y redes sociales.