28 and 29 SEPTEMBER 2017

A unique and different opportunity if you want to perform in a piano concert in your city.
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opening concert in the Sala del Liceo Del Real Círculo de la Amistad
28 sept

concert in an emblematic space of the city (square, monument, etc)
29 sept

concert in an emblematic space of the city (square, monument, etc)
29 sept

concert in an emblematic space of the city (square, monument, etc)
29 sept

What is it?

  • it’s an initiative of the 8th Guadalquivir International Piano Festival which was born with the purpose of promoting musical culture through the piano, valuing the most unusual places of the city.
    Already in its fourth consecutive year, the festival continues with the scope to approach all audiences with the piano and trying to modernize the traditional way of listening to a concert, reaching all corners and making music accessible to everyone.
    It is also a place where young pianists can show themselves and become part of the professional world and the heart of the FIP Guadalquivir.

    Lounge, gardens and any place with a piano open their doors to become concert halls.

    Monuments, Exteriors, Buildings, Businesses, Shops, etc. All places that are part of the city may become a concert halls.

This year offers numerous concerts in historical and emblematic spaces of the city continuing the theme of its eighth edition “Las Mil y una Cordobas”

How does it work?

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    Sign up online

    If you are a pianist, submit your CV, personal information, and a video demonstrating your skills (if possible with the repertoire you want to play, lasting up to 5 minutes).
    The proposed concert has a duration of 50-60 min.
    Instead, if you love music and have a piano at home, bar, hotel, etc., you can propose that space for a concert.

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    A commission will value the proposals and will choose the best candidates who will play in the most emblematic places of the city. You will be able to play in concert halls never seen before.
    * Once enrolled, it is important to pay attention to the news that will be published on the website.

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    Choose the musical route you are most interested in

    Once all the participants have been selected, you can choose the concerts you like most and travel around the city through the piano in an unprecedented and attractive way.

Choose a modality and participate

Mode 1

You are a pianist, you want to participate but you do not know where

Mode 2

You are a pianist and have space to exhibit

Mode 3

You want to propose a space where to host a concert (house, garden ..)

Once the enrollment is closed you can create a tourist-musical route into the website www.guadalquivirpianistico.org or using our app making sure to reserve a spot for yourself in any of the concerts of PIANO CÓRDOBA. It’s free of charge.
Do not leave it for the last minute because there is limited availability.

For further information please write us at


Zonas de Piano Córdoba

  • Zona NORTE
    – Hotel Córdoba Center: Avda. de la Libertad, nº 4
    – Casa particular 1: Calle Vandalino, nº 2
  • Zona CENTRO
    – Librería “República de las letras”: C/Plaza chirinos, nº6
    – Casa particular 2: C/Plaza chirinos, nº 4 -3
    – Real Círculo de la Amistad: c/Alfonso XIII, nº 14

  • Zona SUR
    – Espacio al abierto: Entorno del Triunfo de San Rafael

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